What is a portable sink?

A portable sink is a fully-functional, self-contained sink.

Do any of your sinks require special wiring, or an electrician?

All of our electric sinks simply plug into any standard outlet. All of our electric sinks are GFI complined.

Does this sink require me to fill water containers?

Replace the container with any 5 gallon water, or fill the container that is included.

Can you make this sink without hot water capabilities?

We can custom-make your sink with/without almost anything asked, just contact Allgreen Manufacturing with your specifications and we will send you a quote.

Why would I need a four station sink?

Our vending cart sink is used in the food service industries. This sink has four seperate basins, one for washing hands, one for washing utensils, one for rinsing, and one for sanitizing.

Best Customer for Ambient water sinks?

For someone who does not need hot water.

How does this sink work, is it difficult to use?

All of our sinks are ready to use, add your own water to the container provided.