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Today more than ever before, it is important to be clean and sanitary. As so many are faced with working and living amongst uncertainty, it is important for everyone to take the necessary steps to

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Home or work site, Allgreen Manufacturing has the perfect portable sink for you!

stay safe. One of the greatest things you can do is purchase a portable sink to ensure cleanliness while you are out and about. Portable sinks can be used in a variety of environments, from camping to classrooms, and serve their productive purpose of keeping people clean whenever they need to take action. Portable sinks like that sold by All Green Manufacturing are lightweight and effective, as well as easy to use. They have large water tanks and, in addition to benefiting you by helping you keep clean, they also benefit the environment by using eco-friendly materials. There have been many new theories lately for the best way to say clean, but nothing beats the security of proper hand washing, which is why you should take advantage of portable sinks.

Portable sinks are incredibly useful in a variety of situations. Camping, for example, presents a great opportunity to utilize the product. Portable camping sinks are helpful because it is easy to find yourself in an unsanitary situation when out in the wilderness. And, due to the current global climate, many more people are making the decision to leave civilization behind. Portable sinks are less than twenty pounds and hold a lot of water, often nearly twenty liters as the one mentioned above. They also have sanitizer built into the sink, so it is truly a fully helpful product for those in need.

But there are many other circumstances where a portable sink is helpful. You could easily see the benefits of placing one in a grocery store, or many of them where people, where people can sanitize upon entry to be sure of cleanliness. This is a practical application that could alleviate some of the worry associate with group contact. Classrooms, as well, are areas where germs can easily spread. In environments where bacteria can be easily transmitted, sinks of any kind are beneficial. Having extra portable sinks would be highly efficient for maintain a healthy environment. Even work environments where employees are expected to share space with others, such as large offices and common areas, can be improved with the purchase of portable sinks.

At first, a portable sink might sound odd to you. After all, sinks are specialty items. You can’t just put them anywhere! But actually you can and, when you do, people realize how valuable they are. Much like many other forms of technology, like smart watches or daily planning apps or two in one laptops and tablets, once you have a portable sink that is always there for you, it becomes hard to imagine not having one. Portable sinks don’t seem it, but they are so useful that it is difficult to not end up using it often. The sinks are the perfect height for everyone to use and they are easy to maintain and transport, hence the name. And they, especially the portable sinks mentioned above, are very reasonably priced and often you can find deals over the internet. Basically, it makes more sense to have a portal sink than to not have one. More than just a ‘better safe than sorry’ type situation, portable tanks become a part of daily life, something that you can rely on being there.  So, what are the reasons you need a portable sink? Well,

  • They are perfect for getting rid of germs,
  • They can be stationed anywhere,
  • They are lightweight and easy to transport,
  • They are affordable,
  • They are long lasting,
  • They are easy to use.

These six things are all reasons to invest in a portable sink, but no reason is more important than the ability to stop the spread of germs. Now more than ever keeping people clean and safe is of the utmost importance, and portable sinks can do that.

In an age where sterilization is so important, what tool is better than hand sanitizer? What thing is greater than being outdoors? A portable sink is the best piece of equipment to keep others safe. But more than that, beyond the applications for health, portable sinks are simply useful, and there isn’t much else to it. They are machines that can work for long periods of time and that can clean, which is a useful ability when, say, you are in the middle of the wilderness or covered with glue at school. It isn’t that everyone in the world needs their own hand washing station (though that would be excellent), it is simply that having them available for the situations when they are needed makes sense.

There will never be a time where hand washing is bad or where cleaning grime from your body is a negative. There will never come a time where you will regret cleaning your hands when they were seriously dirty. Therein lies the value of the portable sink. It is device that will always be useful and that will constantly provide value. There are many things that lose their usefulness over time, or are great for one time use only. Portable sinks circumvent both these problems, and instead deliver to the public a solution to a problem that is rampant in the world and that can be simply fixed. In essence, portable sinks provide a promise of hygiene for the sake of safety.


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ALLGREEN MANUFACTURING L. L. C. is a small business that provides personal care and service with all the quality and assurance to meet today’s industries standards. We are based out of Fall River, MA. With over 2 decades in the portable sink industry specializing in maintenance and design. Quality and craftmanship is our goal in building the most affordable American made portable self contained hot & cold water sinks, 12 Volt/Propane and fresh water systems in the industry. We ship worldwide.

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